MacClade bug and 660AV, 840AV

David Maddison dmaddsn at ccit.arizona.edu
Wed Apr 19 12:53:49 EST 1995

One MacClade user, has been having problems with MacClade
3.04 on a Macintosh 660AV and a Mac 840AV.  We have not been able
to clearly reproduce the bug; it is possible that it only occurs
on these two machines.  The bug is typified by getting an error
message with -35 in it, and then with failure to open some data files.

If anyone uses MacClade on a 660AV or 840AV Macintosh, we would very
much appreciate hearing from you, even if you have never seen that
bug.  We would like to know what system your are running (7.1? 7.5?),
and what version of MacClade (3.0?  3.04?).  

(If anyone has seen this bug on any other machine, we'd like to hear
about that too, of course!)


Please respond to me a beetle at ag.arizona.edu

David R. Maddison
Department of Entomology
University of Arizona
Tucson,  AZ  85721
dmaddsn at ccit.arizona.edu

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