ANNOUNCE: SeqVu 1.0 For Macintosh

James Gardner j.gardner at garvan.unsw.edu.au
Mon Apr 17 04:04:35 EST 1995

The Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney, Australia, is proud to
annouce the first release of SeqVu for the Macintosh.

SeqVu is an alignment editor with analysis options that allows you to work
quickly and simply with multiple sequences. It is ideal for manually
correcting alignments produced using alignment software such as ClustalV.

SeqVu goes beyond simple editing and allows you to produces publication
quality figures, complete with outlined identity or homology. You can also
shade residues which are of certain types, that have identity at a
position, or are homologous. You can display outlining and shading
simultaneously, so that you can see, for example, identity and homology
simultaneously. There is also a novel hydropathy display which shows
hydrophobicity on multiple sequences using coloured shading. Documents may
be exported to graphics programs for further editing. 

SeqVu is a fat binary, and supports Macintosh Drag and Drop.

SeqVu Version 1.0 is now available by anonymous FTP from
gimr.garvan.unsw.edu.au in the /pub directory.

Shareware $US10.

James Gardner
Garvan Institute of Medical Research
EMAIL: j.gardner at garvan.unsw.edu.au

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