Help required on Double Digester for Macintosh

Manuel G. CLAROS claros at biologie.ens.fr
Sun Apr 16 10:49:06 EST 1995

In Article <3mptml$is8 at quandong.itd.adelaide.edu.au>, Makoto Kamei
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>However, I've been having trouble with this program. Firstly, it keeps
>asking for FPU, although it is not mentioned as a requirement. Secondly,
>it starts up when SoftwareFPU is used, but it doesn't do anything ie. 
>just shows up some kinda "common LISP interface" window or something
>and does nothing. According to the manual supplied by the developer
>of this program, it should "after a pause, the DD (as in Double Digester)
>window will appear." Well, it did not.

I have tried it in some macs, and it only works well in 68040 compuers.
Slower machines have problems. I do not know compatibilities with PowerMac

The easier way to start is putting yourself the bands in the lower-left

I hope this helps ;-)

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