Help required on Double Digester for Macintosh

Makoto Kamei m-kamei at schooner.waite.adelaide.edu.au
Sat Apr 15 20:59:49 EST 1995

Hi all,

I've got my hands on a program called Double Digester version 1.1beta
which (apparently) can make restriction maps for you.

However, I've been having trouble with this program. Firstly, it keeps
asking for FPU, although it is not mentioned as a requirement. Secondly,
it starts up when SoftwareFPU is used, but it doesn't do anything ie. 
just shows up some kinda "common LISP interface" window or something
and does nothing. According to the manual supplied by the developer
of this program, it should "after a pause, the DD (as in Double Digester)
window will appear." Well, it did not.

Can somebody help this poor sod, who spent all night trying just to
get the .hqx file from the land far away from Down Under,
then encountering more difficulties?

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