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J-L Risler (risler at cgmvax.cgm.cnrs-gif.fr) wrote:

: My question is: do you know of an efficient program which, starting from 
: the EBI flat file and the weekly updates flat files, will remove the 
: redundancies and keep the last updated one, and possibly remove the ESTs 
: from the updates?

We do currently prepare the dbtools package for general release. The 
software you  require will make a listing of the files, sort them , remove
duplicates, and extract a new file after having cleaned the listing. 
The List Update Principle (LUP) programs can do this. 

The dbtools package is currently in 'beta' testing but runs to our 
satisfaction. A cut from the current development tree is on bioftp.unibas.ch
in the programs/bioftp-sw/dbtools directory. If you want to read what is 
there then you might try to read it via a WWW browser on the URL 

The files you might want are either DBTOOLS.BCK or dbtools.tar.Z, depending
on which operating system you are on.  Feedback is most welcome! 

The FTP server was rather busy lately. Apologies if you get temporarily 

Reinhard Doelz
EMBnet Switzerland 

UNIX extract instruction after binary ftp:
% zcat dbtools.tar.Z | tar -xvof 
% cd dbtools
% make 

VMS extract instruction after binary ftp: 
$ backup/lis t.t null.bck/save_set/block=8192
$ copy/over dbtools.bck null.bck
$ backup/lis null.bck/save_set [...]
$ set def [.dbtools]
$ @makeall

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