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   heinen at rulg18.leidenuniv.nl (Wouter Heinen) wrote:
>Is anybody familiar with the Reference Manager (RefMan) program? If so,
>could you point me to the distributor(s) or vendor(s).  Presumably this
>journal/reference database program was designed to suit the needs of
>researchers in the area of the bio-sciences.
>Thanks a lot.
	I have been a happy user of Reference Manager and its companion 
program, Reference Update (a weekly literature database of titles and 
abstracts which can be scanned and selectively exported to Reference Manager) 
for several years.  In fact, I have been a beta-tester of their DOS and 
MSWindows releases since the program was released.  I think it is a great 
system for biomedical scientists, in particular as one writes scientific 
papers and requires convenient access to accurate literature citations.
	Research Information Systems is the company that has developed 
and distributes Reference Manager and Reference Update.  They are located at 
2355 Camino Vida Roble, Carlsbad, CA  92009-1572 and can be reached by 
toll-free telephone at 800-722-1227 and by email at rminfo at ris.risinc.com.  I 
don't know whether they have a European distribution office or agent.

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