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Gert-Jan Euverink gertjan at biochem.iaf.nl
Fri Apr 14 07:22:45 EST 1995

In article <3ml54c$384 at highway.LeidenUniv.nl> heinen at rulg18.leidenuniv.nl writes:
>Is anybody familiar with the Reference Manager (RefMan) program? If so,
>could you point me to the distributor(s) or vendor(s).  Presumably this
>journal/reference database program was designed to suit the needs of
>researchers in the area of the bio-sciences.
The program is made by Research Information Systems. I am not sure but you 
can try their E-mail adress info at ris.icn.com 
If this doesn't work please contact me because I have the correct adress in
the Lab (I am at home right now)

By the way, it is a great program. They have a dos/windows/macintosh version
available and databases are interchangeable


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