Spike Studio (free data aquisition program)

Eli Meir meir at zoology.washington.edu
Wed Apr 12 23:32:03 EST 1995

I have just released a new version of my data acquisition program Spike
Studio.  This is a Macintosh program for collecting and analyzing
neurophysiological data using National or GW Instruments digitizing
boards, or the sound input of the Macintosh.  In addition to lots of
data collection features, the program has a souped-up window
discriminator that works well for detecting onsets and offsets of
spikes, bursts of spikes, or other events.  You can then find
frequencies, peak-to-peak heights, do data-averaging, and a few other
things.  It also has a nice display, publication-quality printing, a
couple kinds of graphs which can be updated on-the-fly (as you collect
data), and other features.

For those of you already using Spike Studio, this new version has some
fairly specialized improvements.  There is now an oscilloscope, which
can be updated as you collect data.  There is a new feature I call
pre-collection, which is a bit like pre-triggering, but the user
supplies the trigger and there is no limit on the amount of data you
can pre-collect.  There is also now a way you can collect data without
storing it to disk (so you can have a real-time oscilloscope on the
screen which runs forever).  One or two bugs have been fixed as well.

You can get Spike Studio v3.6 from any sumex_aim (info_mac) mirror site
in the directory /sci, or you can download it from my anonymous ftp
site at

ftp.zoology.washington.edu    in the directory  /pub/macintosh

Within the next month or two, I plan to release another new version
which will be PowerPC native, include support for Instrutech digitizing
boards, and have some rudimentary high and low pass filtering (I'm open
to suggestions on that).


Eli Meir
Dept of Zoology, Univ of Washington
meir at zoology.washington.edu

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