genetic algorithm?

Otto Hainzl e8627164 at fbma.tuwien.ac.at
Wed Apr 12 13:21:55 EST 1995

Jing He (jh691448 at .bcm.tmc.edu) wrote:
: Hi,

: Could anyone tell me any information on where to get the genetic algorithm? 

: Thank you.

: Jing

I did this summary a while ago:

First of all thanks for all the responses, the list did a good job for me.

2.) Mailing Lists

2.1)I do not summarize do the list since Benjamin Cline <benji at advis.com> 
pointed out that this is not the right list do discuss such topics. I 
will send this file to all my 'repliers'.

2.1) The list could not answer the question if there are any programming 
lists for next are available.

3.) Numerically solving Differential Equations

3.1) Nobody could point me to software suitable for solving Diefferential 
Equations Numerically except with 'general purpose tools' such as 
Mathematica. I am aware of this possibility, but I find Mathematica is 
more a prototyping tool then a number cruncher. Once your problems get 
specific Mathem. is way too slow. The big advantage is that it is such a 
generic tool.

3.2) I am aware of 2 specialized products for num. Diff. Equation Solving:
ACSL (Fortran precompiler) and
SimulR (C-based, more modern)
both are comercial products. I can't afford them since I just need this 
stuff for my thesis.
We have SimulR at our University. Pretty good product, let me know if you 
want to know more.
But it would be nice to have some tool on the NeXT.

4.) Genetic Algotithms (GA)
There seems to be a lot going on in the field of GAs:

*) gguelden at ixpoint.de and his company seem to be very specialiced on 
this field.

*) I bought the 'Handbook of GAs' by Lawrence Davis. They work with 
Genesis (C-Source available) and OOGA (based on Allegro Common Lisp).
Since I am no LISPer I tried to get a hold of genesis.
Chris Lee pointed out that it is available at caltech via ftp: 
genesis.cns.caltech.edu; There is also a web page on caltech.
Refer to caltech files for special literature about Genesis.

Anyhow, I am not a good 'installer' and my make ended up with:

shell_load.c:15: header file 'a.out.h' not found
(any suggestions?)

*)Terry Cheek wrote:
Start with http://digifix.digifix.com and http://fuzine.mt.cs.cmu.edu,
the gopher://trans.csuohio.edu c.s.n.* archives and NEXT_L mailing
list. A search for "genetic. algorithm." on fuzine will give you
thousands of document hits.

He also made me aware of IlliGAL:
   Linkname: IlliGAL Home Page
        URL: http://gal4.ge.uiuc.edu/illigal.home.html
   Owner(s): None
       size: 224 lines
       mode: normal

Link that you currently have selected

   Linkname: GA FAQ

And finally a place shown to me by Nick Christopher:

Thanks to all of you (also the ones I did not mention) for your replies. 
I hope this also helps you,


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