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In response to a question about where to get PAUP,
In article <D6HqH9.E5u at zoo.toronto.edu>,
Mark Siddall <mes at zoo.toronto.edu> wrote:
>I am afraid that there is no way to get PAUP legally at the moment.
>The Illinois Natural History Survey has been distributing it for
>years.  Dave does not distribute it himself.  At the moment, I believe that
>INHS has suspended distribution. (My understanding is that they do this
>now and then to the frustration of many).

My understanding is that INHS has handed PAUP legally over to Dave and
is not distributing it.  Its unavailability is not due to whims on their
part.  Dave is trying to finish the new version and work out how it will
be distributed.

>PAUP 4.?.? is likely to be released this summer (?) but there are NO
>guarantees on this!!

It has gotten to beta-testing.

>Wether or not it will still be handled by INHS is not known.  There
>are rumours of a Sinauer interest as with MacClade.

Whether or not Sinauer will publish it, INHS will certainly not.

>Although this may be informative, I am afraid it mey not help you.
>I would try INHS, and no I do not have an address or phone#.

I suspect you will not find contacting INHS useful as they are not going to
publish it.

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