NJplot: graphical display of trees on MACDIR

higgins at ebi.ac.uk higgins at ebi.ac.uk
Fri Apr 7 09:56:04 EST 1995

                       NJplot by Manolo Gouy

     Graphical Display of New Hampshire format trees on Macs.

NJplot is a simple to use and extremely useful program for displaying New
Hampshire format trees (nested parentheses; e.g. TREEFILE files from 
PHYLIP or the *.dnd, *.ph and *.phb files from Clustal W).  It displays
branch lengths and bootstrap information (if present) and allows the user
to swap branches and change the position of the root.  Trees can then
be saved in PICT format which are readable by most Macintosh graphics

I included an earlier version of NJplot with Clustal W 1.5; this had a minor
bug which sometimes clipped the left hand side of the trees.  This, revised
version is now included and is also available on its own.

NJplot can be retrieved by anonmyous ftp from:  ftp.ebi.ac.uk  

Get the file:  /pub/software/mac/njplot.sea.hqx

This is a BinHex encoded self extracting archive.

Many thanks to Manolo Gouy, University of Lyon, France for making the
program available!!

Des Higgins,
EMBL/EBI, Hinxton, UK.

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