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> Is there any easy to use program for mac to calculate MW and pI
> of a peptide sequences?

Hej Bosse!

There is an Excel spreadsheet for doing this (yes, it is for mac).
Below is the readme info. I forgot where I ftp-ed it from. If you are
interested - give me a 'call'

73, Peter

pI_protein 1.0v1
by Lars Henrik Oestergaard©1994.

This worksheet calculates the isoelectric point of a protein. I think
that it will be possible to make the worksheet do the calculations
faster. Fell free to make it better, it is not protected by any
password. I would like to be able to simply type in an amino acid
sequence and then let the worksheet do the rest (so you may see another
version soon). Please give copies of the worksheet to everybody you
think may use it, but don't charge money for it!!! You may also modify
your personal copy, customising it to your needs. BUT please give the
original copy to other interested Mac users.

Simple fill in the number of the specified charged amino acids in the
boxed cells. Also fill in the pK value of the amino group in the
N-terminus and the pK value of the carboxyl group in the C-terminus.
You may find the values in the table on page one in the worksheet.

You are able to copy and print the results. The result consist of the
total number of negative and positive charges at pH values ranging from
1-13 (with 0.5 pH units between each). These as well as their sum are
also plotted in a chart as a function of the pH value.

NB. The worksheet is made with excel version 3.0a.

Lars Henrik Oestergaard
Department of Chemistry
Aarhus University
DK-8000 Aarhus C

(Internet: lho at biobase.aau.dk)

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