Graphing Software your choice please???

Jason L. Buberel jbuberel at uiuc.edu
Thu Apr 6 09:36:13 EST 1995

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> Netters.  I need some help in selecting the best MAC based graphing
program from the 
> following list:
>  Delta graph, Cricket graph, Sigma Plot, Kaleidagraph, GraphPad or some
other choice.
> Up until now we have been doing curve fitting using Kaleidagraph.  Well
now that
> we all have MAC  Excel 5.0 we would like to take advantage of the fact
that Excel 5.0
> may link to other apps.  Our current version of Kaleidagraph doesn't
support this
> and I am wondering if one of the above programs may in fact both link
with Excel 5.0
> and meet our needs with greater satisfaction.  We use Kaleidagraph for
two site
> curve fits and etc.
> Also, it might come in handy if such a graphing program would also
interface as
> well with FoxPro.
> -- 
> Dan Roberts
> BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB PHARM. RES. CENTER      "Nature is last at Bats"


I know that you can conrol DeltaGraph pro with AppleScript, so you could
potentially link it with any other program that handles AppleScripting. 
As for direct links with Excel 5.0, I suppose you mean using OLE 2.0.  I
know of no Mac graphing program that supports OLE.  For all of our
graphing needs, DeltaGraph Pro is suffecient.  It does handle custom curve
fitting and has detailed control over the apearance of graphs.  Plus, it
is native for PowerPC.  As far as FoxPro goes...the linking would be done
with AppleScript, so this should work quite handily with DeltaGraph Pro.

One program that I have not used, but is highly flexible and very
programmable is Igor Pro.  It has its own built in scripting language, and
probably has support for AppleScripting.

Hope this helps,


Jason L. Buberel
Graduate Student
Nueroscience Pgm
U of Illinois-UC

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