Plasmid software for IBM (Windows)

Arturo J. Morales art at aaRS
Wed Apr 5 15:28:36 EST 1995

I posted yesterday asking about a new version of DNA strider, but I guess 
that i have changed my mind and I have decided to (Hopefully) switch
platforms to Windows NT (Already in Lab, and much faster than the macs...)

Does anyone know of any Plasmid software for windows?

I've seen the demo for GeneRuner, but the actual prg costs in the order
of 1000 dollars, a little too much for my taste...

I'm looking for something that besides having DNA strider features, looks     
into secondary structure of oligos (hairpins, etc...) and hopefully
is easy to use, although that is not really a requirement :)

Thanks in advance...


Arturo J. Morales      (RPI '94)   |  art at aars.mit.edu
Department of Biology              | Massachvsetts Institvte of Technology
"That Person you see in the Mirror is made up of D-Amino Acids" --C.P.

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