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> Q. is there a newer version around? or at least an updated RE library?

DNA Strider 1.2 came out in December 1991. I don't know of any updates
since then, and if there are later versions I would appreciate hearing
about that.  Strider can be obtained with its instruction manual (which
I recommend you get because there are some non-intuitive aspects of the
program) from its author Christian Marck at Service de Biochimie -
Department de Biologie -Bat 142, Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires de Saclay,
91191 GIF-SUR-YVETTE, CEDEX, FRANCE.  C. Marck asks for $200.00 for the
program, which I think is a fair price, though he is rather slow in
responding sometimes.  Version 1.2 has some nice facilites on it like
protein and nucleaic acid comparison matrices and stem-loop
predictions.  I have a more or less updated restriction library, where
I have added about 100 commercially availible enzymes to the library
provided with the program.  I can e-mail it to you.  David Levy

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