(Q) Training Course on BioInformatics

HANSOL kornet hansol1 at soback.kornet.nm.kr
Wed Apr 5 07:42:38 EST 1995

Dear Netters ...

There were several lists of the grad/training course
on bioinformatics/computational biology ago .
But there has been great changes after those
lists were compiled ( 1992 or 1993 or so ) .
So I believe we should have another new 

"The list of the graduate programs or training courses 
on the BioInformatics and Computational Biology around the World "

Although the contributions from the Course Directors are expected  
Any comments would be certainly appreciated .

If there are no volunteers to compile the list
I could certainly take the job and post the result .

p.s. Any version already compiled ? Then please let me be located !

Thanks for reading me and in advance .
Sincerely Rhee Hwan-Seok

email : hansol1 at soback.kornet.nm.kr

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