DNA programs??

Benny Shomer bshomer at ebi.ac.uk
Tue Apr 4 17:25:33 EST 1995

Franz Torres Barbosa (infomed!ICT.SLD.CU!FRANZ at GN.APC.ORG) wrote:

:  Hello netters :
:   I'm a computer programmer and I just began in a new job(related 
:   with biotechnology proceses) . I have to automate, like first task, 
:   a laboratory which test the DNA of the monoclonal antibodies 
:   released. It use differents techniques such as : Hybridisation, 
:   PCR, DotBlot, InmunoBlot. It also tests virusses of mice.  
:   I would like to know if anybody have an idea or references to 
:   existing computer programs related with this subject. Or any 
:   mathematical approach or algorithm. If you can send me a file with 
:   help I'll be very glad.   

Here is a clip from a search through the BioCatalogue for MolBio
software, maintained at the EMBL outstation - EBI.
The BioCatalogue is accessible through WWW at:
http://www.ebi.ac.uk   under "Documentation and software"
or through gopher:

Hope it helps,
Benny Shomer.

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NAME           MOLBIO++
DOMAIN         Sequence analysis
DESCRIPTION    molbio++ is a C++ library for molecular biosequence analysis.
DESCRIPTION    Major features include:
DESCRIPTION    classes and services for reading and writing sequence data in 
DESCRIPTION    the following formats:  Genbank Flatfile , EMBL / SwissProt
DESCRIPTION    GCG / Wisconsin , Fasta / Pearson , PIR , NCBI Retrieve Server
DESCRIPTION    (read-only)
DESCRIPTION    limited parsing of fields and features in biosequence files
DESCRIPTION    storing amino acid or nucleic acid sequences iterating over
DESCRIPTION    a biosequence 
DESCRIPTION    calculating and storing counts or frequencies of amino acids 
DESCRIPTION    or nucleotides
DESCRIPTION    device-independent graphics, via GCG's FIGURE program
DESCRIPTION    translating nucleotide sequences into proteins using
DESCRIPTION    the universal genetic code or modifications thereof.
DESCRIPTION    parsing BLAST output
DESCRIPTION    calculating pI and molecular weight of proteins amino acid 
DESCRIPTION    hydropathy values of Kyte & Doolittle
AUTHOR         Keith Robison
RT             -
ADDRESS        Harvard University Department of Cellular and Developmental
ADDRESS        Biology Department of Genetics (Harvard Medical School) / HHMI
CONTACT        Keith Robison: robison at biosun.harvard.edu
SITE           ftp anonymous golgi.harvard.edu
SITE           Directory /pub/robison
SITE           ftp anonymous ftp.ebi.ac.uk
SITE           Directory /pub/software/unix UNIX software are stored 
SITE           as archive (tar) files compressed (.Z).
SITE-CONTACT   nethelp at ebi.ac.uk
OS             Sparcstation
LANGUAGE       C ++

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