DNA Sequencing on Macintosh?

Jason L. Buberel jbuberel at uiuc.edu
Tue Apr 4 19:28:53 EST 1995

In article
<Pine.A32.3.91c.950403151057.94289A-100000 at homer13.u.washington.edu>, Jeff
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> Anyone out there know of a good application that will automatically read 
> DNA sequences from autoradiography film?  I would appreciate any help.
> Jeff
> email jkoz at saul.u.washington.edu (not jkoz at u.wash....)


check out the NCSA's ftp server:


They have a program, GelReader, that is supposed to do what you ask.  I
have not used it before, I just know it exists, and that it is FREE! 
Check it out.


Jason L. Buberel
Graduate Student
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