Fragment assembly question

Basil Allsopp basil at ovi.ac.za
Tue Apr 4 03:33:58 EST 1995

In article 5bo at fermat.mayo.edu, Black.John at mayo.edu (J. Logan Black) writes:

> Are there any fragment assembly programs available for PC other than
> netting into GCG somewhere?  Maybe I am dense but GCG is awkward 
> and I would like to find a better way.  When  assembling a big project GCG is
> too difficult to use.  Also what is the best protein software available for PC. 
> I need to convert DNA/RNA to protein and analyze the protein for MW and
> other characteristics.

The best fragment assembly software is STADEN, see the newsgroup
bionet.software.staden.  It also does the other things you mention.
The latest version of the program is for Unix, but there used to be a PC version,
marketed by Amersham International.  It may not have been updated for several
years, but it was fully functional as stood about 5 years ago.


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