RNAdraw update! - V0.99-08

Ole Matzura ole at mango.mef.ki.se
Tue Apr 4 07:14:52 EST 1995

Hello there!

Version 0.99-08 of Rnadraw is now available! New features are:

1) 'Import GCG PlotFold -H' option lets you import ouput from the 
PlotFold -H prgram in the GCG package, parseing multiple structures in 
the .CON file to seperate structure entries. This enables you to do 
suboptimal structure calculation with GCG MFOLD, proccess the results 
with GCG PlotFold using the -H command line parameter, and import and 
view all structures in Rnadraw.

2) Some minor quirk fixes in the sequence editor, updated help files and 
some minor bug fixes.

The next and final pre-V1.0 version available will allow you to edit and 
modify all Energy Parameters used by the calculation 
algorithms interactively. You will be able to save your own 'setups' of 
energies, making it easy to apply new parameters as well as monitoring 
structure changes in response to energy changes. Available in mid April.

If you want to get direct update and program info, add your name to the 
RNAdraw mailing list by sendin your E-mail address to me at the below 

Good Luck!

Ole Matzura 

Ole Matzura                              ole at mango.mef.ki.se
Dept. of Medical Physics                 
Karolinska Inst. 
Stockholm, Sweden                           FAX:+46-8-326505

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