Protein Fold Identification Tool

Floeckner Hannes floeckn at wst.edvz.sbg.ac.at
Mon Apr 3 11:07:54 EST 1995

        |                                              |                           
        |  ProFIT - Protein Fold Identification Tool   |

      Version 0.9 Beta for SGI and DEC ALPHA Workstations

ProFIT (Protein Fold Identification Tool) combines an aminoacid sequence with
a database of 3D structures, and has the potential to detect a fold related
to the native structure of the input sequence. This is a beta-release. It is
still experimental and will change during the following months.

For a description of the program, the approaches used, the expected success
rate and the quality of information retrieved, please consult the accompanying 

ProFIT V0.9 Beta is freely available for academic users.

You can down-load ProFIT V0.9 Beta by anonymous ftp from 

		Gundi.came.sbg.ac.at (

Licenses are distributed on a one machine one license basis. A license is
valid for one year. Licenses are free of charge for academic users. 

For commercial licenses please contact:

Center Of Applied Molecular Engineering
Jakob-Haringer Str. 1
A-5020 Salzburg / AUSTRIA
E-Mail:  sippl at olga.came.sbg.ac.at

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