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Harry Mangalam mangalam at uci.edu
Sun Apr 2 12:01:07 EST 1995

In article <3ljqbu$3gi at ujf-iab.ujf-grenoble.fr>,
mongelar at dyogen1.ujf-grenoble.fr (Mongelard Fabien) wrote:

> I'm using the UNIX 'pack' command (Huffman coding) to minimize the size
> of my image files on a SGI workstation.
> Does anybody here know about a MS-DOS software able to handle packed
> files ?

NO, but why not just use the copylefted zip/unzip, gzip, or even compress
- these all have freeware relatives that run on DOS.  Or just use a
compressed image format (compressed TIFF, GIF, JPEG)?
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