Looking for SigCleave

Kenta Nakai nakai at nibb.ac.jp
Sat Apr 1 01:31:43 EST 1995

In article <D6A92t.7q6 at incyte.com>, ang at incyte.com wrote:

> Has anyone heard of a program called SigCleave which is supposed to recognize
> and identify the signal peptide portion of proteins?  If you have any 
> about this program, please email me.

I don't know about the program SigCleave. But you can
use our PSORT program either by e-mail (psort at nibb.ac.jp)
or by WWW (http://psort.nibb.ac.jp), instead.
PSORT is a program to analyze various sorting signals
encoded in amino acid sequences and to predict their
subcellular localization sites.

Kenta Nakai

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