FASTLINK 2.2 is available

ROGER GREEN,MEDICINE,ST.JOHN'S,NF,CAN roger at kean.ucs.mun.ca
Fri Sep 30 12:22:59 EST 1994

In article <36fclj$5cg at larry.rice.edu>, schaffer at cs.rice.edu (Alex Schaffer) writes:
> Since May 1993, we have been distributing faster versions of the
> genetic linkage analysis programs in LINKAGE 5.1. Several users have
> dubbed the new code "FASTLINK".
> Version 2.2 of FASTLINK is now ready and available. The changes
> from version 2.1 (distributed in March 1994) include:
> 1. Bug fixes to bugs introduced in FASTLINK and bugs inherited from LINKAGE
> 2. More dynamic memory allocation
> 3. More diagnostics to detect user errors politely
> 4. Crash-recovery is now possible for LINKMAP and MLINK, in addition
>    to LODSCORE and ILINK
> 5. Lots of information about portability of FASTLINK to different
>    operating systems is included
> 6. A document entitled "The Mystery of (the) Unknown" explaining how the
>    preprocessor program UNKNOWN works

	Is this version of FASTLINK usable by mere mortals with MS-DOS 
machines, such as a 486-33 with 8 Mbyte of RAM ??
	It is my understanding that the earlier version required a 
workstation with 32 Mbyte of RAM (or so) to be effective.

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