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	Two teaching programs in Genetics, Molecular biology/Biotechnology
and Cell Biology developed originally for our own classes in introductory
genetics etc are available. They are:-

1.Visual Genetics. 

	The first comprehensive graphics based computerized 'text' in
genetics with over 50 hr of teaching material. Features 68 lengthy
animated lessons each a detailed lesson on topics such as DNA replication,
Holliday model, fingerprinting, nucleosomes etc. Each animation is in
full color with 2D and 3D graphics and is a 10-20 min lesson (20 hr in
total). There are also several hundred (completely editable by user)
questions in a variety of formats plus drag-a-label diagrams for a
learn-by problem solving approach. Also has index, glossary, notes from
you as teacher to student and more. 
	Now used by over 100 institutions world-wide. Full program
requires Windows, but the entire library of animations (The Bio-Animate
Series) is available separately for DOS or MAC QuickTime

2. The Virtual Genetics Lab - NEW

	A unique simulated, highly interactive lab experience, with 6
integrated modules on classical genetics techniques. Starting with a
wild-type fungus, isolate and identify auxotrophic mutants, then analyse
them biochemically and by complementation tests for allelism. Score a set
of replica plates to analyse a 3-point cross, followed by classifying
tetrads for FDS and SDS segregation and PD, NPD and T types to add further
detail to the map. Finally analyse haploid and diploid mitotic 
recombination products. 
	The emphasis is on duplicating on screen some of the key steps in
each process (eg drag chemicals to test plates to determine auxotrophic
requirement, do a replica plate test to identify genotype of progeny
etc.). Help animations are included where necessary.  Requires Windows. 

These programs are available on a commercial basis so for further
details/demo disc etc. Email.............aday at julian.uwo.ca


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