Visualisation of Postscript files in Macs?

Rajan Nair rnair at umich.edu
Thu Sep 29 08:11:19 EST 1994

> I can make some PostScript files, using GCG in Sun machines. I would be grateful, if
> you could recommend any particular programme that I can use to view these .ps files in a
> Macintosh.

I don't know of an easy way to look at the postscript file on the monitor.
But if you just want to print it, you could open the file with Microsoft
Word, select the entire contents, and change format from normal to
Postscript. In Word 5.0 and higher you do do this by holding down the shift
key, clicking the mouse on the "normal" style on the left of the top
ribbon, and dragging down to the postscript option. This operation will
change your font to Chicago. Now you can print the file on any Postscript

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