Molecular Biology software for UNIX?

Frank White fawhite at ix.netcom.com
Wed Sep 28 07:35:46 EST 1994

	Can anyone make reccomendations for programs to do restriction 
mapping and plasmid assembly that run on a SUN Sparstation?  Our group has
a Sparc 10 that they access via terminal programs over the network.  We 
currently have some programs that were written in house several years ago
but can't be updated with new enzymes etc, as well as being hard to learn.
The terminal programs can't handle X windows, so it's strictly command-line
UNIX.  We may switch to local software (Lasergene, Geneworks etc) in a year
or so, but my boss is interested in seeing what's available now for the SUN.
Any suggestions would be appreciated!  Thanks!

Frank White
fawhite at ix.netcom.com

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