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David L. Haviland, Ph.D. HAVILAND at KIDS.WUSTL.EDU
Tue Sep 27 13:43:31 EST 1994

In <1994Sep16.182139.142 at immunbio.mpg.de> GARTMANN at IMMUNBIO.MPG.DE writes:

> Ok, here is what I've seen during the last few months in bionet...
> Regards
>    Christoph Gartmann

Many thanks to Christoph for compiling that missive about reference 
managers.  As one who wrote a snippet of that original post, I feel 
compelled to ammend what I had originally said.  I initially stated that I 
was a satisfied user of EndNote and subsequently wrote my $0.02 worth.  
Since that writing about a year ago I progressively became disenchanted 
with the program and shortly before December of 93, wrapped it up and sent
it all back to the shipper.  I *upgraded* to Payrus and have never looked
back.  I found Papyrus to be a superior product in every way.  Endnote, in
my view, does not operate as well on the PC as it does on the Mac - even
when the directions for use were followed.  I was using it within Windows,
with Word Perfect, and found its operation clumsy.  Then being faced with 
parting with another $100 to import from medline was simply the last straw.

Again, I retract my rave review of Endnote and instead rave about Papyrus.


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