help needed for entrez installation (Wi

Ashok Aiyar ashok at mirage.bioc.cwru.edu
Sun Sep 25 13:26:53 EST 1994

In article 14215 at nlm.nih.gov,  epstein at gold.nlm.nih.gov (Jonathan Epstein) writes:

>An "invitation" follows below for general interest.  Please contact me
>or net-info at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov if you have additional questions or

>Network Entrez client programs are currently available for the following
>computer platforms:
>  o Macintosh (MacTCP)
>  o MS Windows (WinSock 1.1 compatible)
>  o Sun SparcStations (SunOS and Solaris)
>  o DEC Alpha running OSF/1
>  o DEC Ultrix
>  o DEC VMS (Multinet/TGV, Wollongong, and UCX)

In addition an *unsupported* version for Linux 1.x.x (kindly compiled
by Jon Epstein), is available via anonymous FTP from ncbi.nlm.nih.gov 
and also mirage.bioc.cwru.edu


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