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Reinhard Doelz doelz at comp.bioz.unibas.ch
Fri Sep 23 13:16:58 EST 1994

Christoph Gartmann (GARTMANN at IMMUNBIO.MPG.DE) wrote:
: In <B195E02A947F2010E6 at MVX36.CSATA.IT> LIUNI at MVX36.CSATA.IT writes:

: >  Can anyone tell me if a Version of the BLAST program is available on
: >  GCG package interface in VAX/VMS Operating System.

: It is supposed to be part of GCG V8.0 which is currently being shipped.

Keep in mind that there is a difference between a local version of 
BLAST, and a client version of BLAST. The latter gets you the results
from the NCBI (after registration), whereas the local version requires
storage and CPU resources. Local databases are in danger to be outdated,
and remote databases might contain entries you need to 'fetch' first. 


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