File format converters available

Jonathan Brecher brecher at terminator.rs.itd.umich.edu
Thu Sep 22 19:53:59 EST 1994

Karl-Heinz Worm <worm at dsa.mpi-muelheim.mpg.de> wrote:
>Jonathan Brecher wrote:
>>We have just put two new AppleScript droplets on our ftp and WWW servers.
>>These droplets interconvert among over two dozen of the most popular
>>chemical file formats, including ChemDraw, Chem3D, MDL MOLFile, MOPAC,
>>Protein Data Bank, and more.  These droplets are provided free of charge,
>>with the hope that they will the transfer of chemical information even easier.
>>The droplets are available from the Cambridge Scientific Computing, Inc.
>>WWW (preferred) and ftp sites:
>>WWW:   http://www.camsci.com
>>ftp:   ftp.camsci.com
>.... in the directory: /pub/others
>the files: 2dstructureconverter.sea or hqx and 3dmodelconverter.sea or hqx

Right.  Sorry about that.

ftp> cd pub/others
250 CWD command successful.
ftp> dir
200 PORT command successful.
150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for /bin/ls.
total 202
-rw-r--r--  1 1130     other       54807 Sep 21 20:26 2dstructureconverter.hqx
-rw-r--r--  1 1130     other       40576 Sep 21 20:25 2dstructureconverter.sea
-rw-r--r--  1 1130     other       62821 Sep 21 20:26 3dmodelconverter.hqx
-rw-r--r--  1 1130     other       46464 Sep 21 20:25 3dmodelconverter.sea

>Dont pick up the sea archives even if you download direcly onto a Mac.
>The remote site seems to be unable to handle the macintosh file format.
>Correct me if I'm wrong

I just checked, and the files are fine.  Remember to use binary format when
transferring binary files between UNIX machines, and MacBinary format when
transferring to your Macintosh.  You may have to specify the correct format

Jonathan Brecher
Cambridge Scientific Computing, Inc.
jsb at camsci.com

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