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In article <1994Sep19.213949.3562 at emba.uvm.edu>, brianf at med.uvm.edu (Brian Foley) writes:
>mwatson at uniwa.uwa.edu.au wrote:
>: Hi Netters
>: Do any of you magical computer brains out there know of a package 
>: (preferably costless as always) that can convert a scanned page
>: of text into real ASCII text that can be edited?  I have lost
>: two copies of a 600 page document and do not fancy retyping the whole 
>: thing.  Please help!!!
>	Most scanners come with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software
>bundled with them.  See if anyone on your campus has recently purchased a 
>	There may be shareware/public domain OCR software available, but I
>do not know where.  GIven that it comes bundled with scanners, I doubt
>there is much incentive to provide it.
>*  Brian Foley               *     If we knew what we were doing   *

Sorry, most scanners don't come bundled with OCR software these days.  A recent
Microtek scanner purchased by our lab came with PhotoShop.

For OCR software, you can try 'cheap' for say under $200 or invest in $300-500
packages.  I'd suggest investing in the higher end if you're serious about OCR. 
The least expensive packages have a real difficult time reading scanned copy
evne after 'teaching' the software to recognize characters.
Regards, Tom.

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