Sequence alignment software ?

Gilles VACHON vachon at bio.grenet.fr
Wed Sep 21 06:18:24 EST 1994

Hi all,

I recently had to align several sequences (DNA or proteins) and found out
that it was not that easy and that we did not have a sofware to do so (on

Could someone tell me if such a software exist or give me the name or send
me a software to align several sequences (>2)?
Thanks for your help.
Please send also replies to me directly as I am not a current member on
this net.  
Gilles Vachon
c/o Pr. MACHE
Laboratoire de Biologie Moleculaire Vegetale
CERMO, 3eme etage
Universite J. Fourier, BP 53X
Tel: (33) 76 51 48 92
fax: (33) 76 51 43 36
e-mail: vachon at bio.grenet.fr

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