Automatic dendrogram on ClustalV ?

higgins at ebi.ac.uk higgins at ebi.ac.uk
Fri Sep 16 09:36:09 EST 1994

In article <1994Sep16.182304.1 at hkucc.hku.hk>, vldnaseq at hkucc.hku.hk writes:
> Dear netters,
> I am using the ClustalV on mainframe for phylogenetic analysis.  Is it
> possible to draw the graphical dendrogram automatically?  Kindly reply
> by email to
> Many thanks
> Wai Ming

There are some utilities out there for converting from clustal format trees
to New Hampshire (nested parentheses) format trees as used by e.g. PHYLIP.
ClusToTree (for MAC) is one example.

I regret not having tried to support this format from the start.  Early
next week, a new program, Clustal W will be announced which does use
this format.  Then you can use Treetool (available from RDP by ftp to
rdp.life.uiuc.edu) or programs from PHYLIP (e.g. RETREE, DRAWGRAM
or DRAWTREE) to see the trees graphically.  In the meantime, you can
always get your alignment out in PHYLIP format and use PHYLIP to
calculate the trees as well as "draw" them.  

Des "Oh goody, another file format" Higgins.

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