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In article <Cw80AL.JEC at rug.nl> euverink at biol.rug.nl writes:
>In article <1994Sep16.074639.21442 at reks.uia.ac.be> przemko at reks.uia.ac.be (Przemko) writes:
>>I got a Mosaic problem. Altough I could bother Mosaic people with that,
>>I hope that someone here might help me.
>>When I use Mosaic to access various databases to do searches, 
>>sequence comparisons etc. I discovered a problem. It seems that I cannot 
>>submit actual sequences. See, I am not going to retype 2000 bases, or to
>>submit a Fasta formatted multiple alignement file for a 
>>domain search, Sequence Logos etc.
>>Any idea how I could place a file in the search quesry of Mosaic?
>>Even cut/paste does not work if a query is too large...
Sorry something went wrong I' am trying this for the first time

To circumvent the problem you can just use the blast E-mail server

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