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>Since I can't get a humn to talk to me at Hastings Software, I will ask a 
>question here.

>I downloaded a demo veersion of GeneRunner from ...grind i think...well 
>anyway, It is a partially functional version.  I recently saw an ad for 
>GeneRunner in Biotechniques, they said I could have a demo disk which I 
>sent away for.  My questions are as follows:
>1)  Is the demo they are sending me the same as the one I DL'ed?

It's probably the same.  It has most of the functionality of the full program, 
but it can't save or read in data.  In my experience, this turned out to be 
a BIG drawback, since it's only when you save stuff that you realize that all 
the analysis you perform with GR is scattered up between separate files 
that you must save separately and that links between those files are broken 
once you save and relaod them.  

>2)  How can I test the alignment portion of the 

It should be in there with a dataset of sample sequences to align.  At least 
it was in my demo copy that I received in the mail.

>3)  Can I use the demo to test oligo biochemistry?

Only on their sequences

>4)  Why did no instructions come with it!

The demo disk came with a mini-tutorial

>5)  Why was there no mention of a phone number...or order information for 
>the product?!

All that stuff came with the demo disk.

I've been able to contact Hastings routinely but it involves leaving a message 
and having them call back.  The program is very powerful for some things, but 
it isn't very good at keeping track of the constructs that you make or the 
analyses that you perform.  We bit the bullet and ordered Vector NT from 
Informax (also available through ATCC) which does some things better than GR 
but I frequently end up using both programs and switching back and forth 
between them.

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