GDE for Dec Alpha?

Steven Smith smith at phylo.life.uiuc.edu
Wed Sep 14 17:01:59 EST 1994

GEORGE MURPHY <geo.murphy at afrc.ac.uk> writes:

>Does anybody out there know (or has anybody done the job) whether GDE (Genetic
>Data Environment) produced by Steve Smith et al has been ported to an OSF
>environment? Ideally to Dec Alpha.
>George Murphy

Alas, no.  I gave it a go, but had no success in the time that
I allocated for the port.  If someone else is interested in
trying, I would be more than happy to pass on my suggestions on
what was problematic.  I hear that there are commercial XView
packages for the Alpha, so that might make things easier.

Steve Smith
smith at bioimage.millipore.com

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