Curve-fit hyperbolic function in Excel?

David McCaskill mccaskil at mail.wsu.edu
Wed Sep 14 12:39:49 EST 1994

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lpcasson at phoenix.princeton.edu wrote:

> Is anyone aware of a macro or plugin for Excel that will fit data points
> to a hyperbolic function (ie. y=A*x/(1+B*x) )?  If necessary, I'll attempt
> one myself, but if one is available, so much the better.  I'm attempting
> to plot flourescence quenching data and to estimate Q-max.  I figure that
> anything that can be implemented in Excel can be used by everyone in my
> lab.

Funny enough the latest issue of Macworld (think it's the Oct issue)
contains a tip towards the back that describes exactly how to do that sort
of thing using the Solver that's included with Excel. I played with it a
bit last weekend fitting some mock data to the Michaelis Menten eq'n and
it seemed to do fine. Haven't had a chance to compare it with the results
I get from SigmaPlot though and I don't have enough of a math background
to know how Excel's method of calculating user defined curve fits compares
with how other programs do it. FWIW Excel was much slower at doing the
calculations than SigmaPlot on our Mac Centris 610 (20MHz 68LC040), so for
large data sets I'm not sure how quickly it will perform.

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