how to find an Email address #2 (fwd)

Dietmar Tietz Dietmar.Tietz at agrar.uni-giessen.de
Wed Sep 14 10:25:00 EST 1994

After posting to bionet the procedure for getting an Email address,
I received the following message:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 94 06:45:13 EDT
From: maintainers of rtfm.mit.edu <rtfm-maintainers at mit.edu>
To: Dietmar Tietz <Dietmar.Tietz at agrar.uni-giessen.de>
Subject: Re: how to find an Email address #2

You are receiving this message (last modified on July 1, 1994)
because you made a Usenet posting which referred to the host
pit-manager.mit.edu or to an old IP address of the machine which
hosts the RTFM services (including the Usenet Periodic Postings
archive, the Usenet addresses database, and the associated FTP
server, mail server, and WAIS server).  If the errant reference
in your posting was contained in text quoted from another posting,
please ignore this message.

The correct hostname for these services is now rtfm.mit.edu.  This
is currently an alias for bloom-picayune.mit.edu (with IP address, but this is subject to change.  The name rtfm.mit.edu
will continue to work when the RTFM services move from machine to

The old IP addresses which used to refer to machines hosting the
RTFM services are,,, and  We discourage the use of IP addresses in referring
to services, but if you must continue to use an IP address, please
update the reference to use the current IP address

To help you identify which of your Usenet postings contained an
outdated reference to rtfm.mit.edu, so that you may update the
information for any future postings, below are the headers of the
posting to which this message is an automatic response.  (Only the
headers are included for brevity.)  If you have any questions,
please send mail to rtfm-maintainers at mit.edu.  Thank you for your

Path: bloom-beacon.mit.edu!grapevine.lcs.mit.edu!uhog.mit.edu!europa.eng.gtefsd.com!howland.reston.ans.net!EU.net!sunic!trane.uninett.no!daresbury!not-for-mail
From: Dietmar Tietz <Dietmar.Tietz at agrar.uni-giessen.de>
Newsgroups: bionet.software
Subject: Re: how to find an Email address #2
Date: 14 Sep 1994 11:24:14 +0100
Lines: 68
Sender: lpddist at mserv1.dl.ac.uk
Distribution: bionet
Message-ID: <356j0e$52g at mserv1.dl.ac.uk>
MIME-Version: 1.0
Original-To: kulmburg at sun1.ukl.uni-freiburg.de

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