Protein Secondary Structure Analysis

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Wed Sep 14 10:52:40 EST 1994

Michael West (micky at berthaw.princeton.edu) wrote:
: Does anyone know of a program which will read a protein's pdb file, and then
: make secondary structure assignments to each amino acid?  Any suggestions or
: information would be appreciated.  Thanks.

I fear that what I can point you to will be more than you are looking for, but try:

There is a molecular graphics package called RasMol available on anonymous ftp space 
which is capable of 
a) rendering the pdb file on a X display (unix) or on your windows screen, and 
b) drawing ribbons, colouring the backbone, ribbon or whatever according to
the residue's properties - among other properties, the secondary structure _is_
The unix version is distributed as source code so you need a c compiler, the 
windows version is available as win3.1 binary.
One of the many locations you can get RasMol is the embl ftp server (ftp.embl-heidelberg.de)
but archie will tell you more ...

: Michael			micky at berthaw.princeton.edu

	Michael Schmitz
	Biophysics Dept. Univ. Duesseldorf

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