Books about biocomputing/bioinformatics - some corrections

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Wed Sep 14 06:29:44 EST 1994

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Ausubel, F.M. et al (1988 - 1994)
Current protocols in molecular biology
Computer Analysis of DNA and Protein Sequences
John Wiley & Sons, New York

Reinhard Doelz
The Biocomputing Survival Guide v1.1, (1993)

>Doolittle, R.F.(1986)
>On URFs and ORFs. 
>University Science Books - Oxford University Press
Doolittle, R.F. (ed.)
Methods in Enzymology, vol 183
Molecular Evolution: Computer Analysis of Protein and Nucleic Acid
Sequences (1990)
Academic Press

>Gribskov, M. and Devereux, J. eds (1991)
>Sequence analysis primer
>Stockton Press
>Griffin, A.M. and Griffin, H.G. eds
>Computer Analysis of Sequence Data, part 1 and 2 (1994 or is it 1994
>Humana Press, Totowa, New Jersey
>ISBN 0-98603-246-9 (pt 1), 0-89603-276-0 (pt 2)
von Heijne, G. (1988)
Sequence Analysis in Molecular Biology 
Academic Press, NY

>Lesk, A.M., ed. (1988)
>Computational Molecular Biology
>Oxford University Press



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