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Sean David Moore smoore at mail2.sas.upenn.edu
Wed Sep 14 09:23:23 EST 1994

Since I can't get a humn to talk to me at Hastings Software, I will ask a 
question here.

I downloaded a demo veersion of GeneRunner from ...grind i think...well 
anyway, It is a partially functional version.  I recently saw an ad for 
GeneRunner in Biotechniques, they said I could have a demo disk which I 
sent away for.  My questions are as follows:
1)  Is the demo they are sending me the same as the one I DL'ed?
2)  How can I test the alignment portion of the program?
3)  Can I use the demo to test oligo biochemistry?
4)  Why did no instructions come with it!
5)  Why was there no mention of a phone number...or order information for 
the product?!

We are strongly considering an academic purchase of the newest version, 
but we would like to test it's ability to align some difficult sequences 
and we can't even access an operations menu to see what options are 

Any help would be kind,
Thanks in advance.

Sean Moore

VAMC Philadelphia,
Medical College of Pennsylvania,
and the University of Pennsylvania...

smoore at sas.upenn.edu

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