Books about biocomputing/bioinformatics

Bo Servenius Bo.Servenius at wblab.lu.se
Tue Sep 13 10:00:25 EST 1994

Dear Netters:

I am trying to compile a list of books I could suggest our library
to buy
for a biocomputing/bioinformatics section. Is there any official
anywhere I could use? If not - it might be a good idea to put up
such a
list. There could also be reviews or comments put up there.

I have some books to start out with  - if we have to start from
Please correct




Gunnar von Heijne (1991)
Sequence analysis (?)
Academic Press

Doolittle, R. (1986)
On URFs and ORFs. 
University Science Books - Oxford University Press

Gribskov, M. and Devereux, J. eds (1991)
Sequence analysis primer
Stockton Press

Griffin, A.M. and Griffin, H.G. eds
Computer Analysis of Sequence Data, part 1 and 2 (1994 or is it 1994
Humana Press, Totowa, New Jersey
ISBN 0-98603-246-9 (pt 1), 0-89603-276-0 (pt 2)

Lesk, A.M., ed. (1988)
Computational Molecular Biology
Oxford University Press

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