Mark Mark
Mon Sep 12 22:15:41 EST 1994

In article <34vhuj$bpa at hearst.cac.psu.edu> jtn2 at genesis.ait.psu.edu (Jason Newman) writes:
>Is there a newer version of MacPlasmap (newer than ver 1.82) out there
>on the net somewhere?  Ver 1.82 doesn't seem to like system 7.1 all
>that well, plus there is no support for color.
>Are there any other plasmid drawing software programs out there for the
>Mac?  Sure, I know there is MacDNAsis, but I think that program costs
>over $800 dollars.  Thanks in advace for any info.
>Jason Newman
>jtn2 at email.psu.edu
MacPlasMap has gone commercial with version 2.0. It's price is lower
if you happened to have registered v1.8.
It is available from
CGC Scientific Inc.
PO Box 8171
St. Louis, MO 63156
Ph (314) 652-6533
Fax (314) 652-6631

Hope this helps
Mark Smith
Dept Biochemistry
Uni of Sydney
mts at biochem.usyd.edu.au

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