Help with recovering dblspace PC data

Priyal A. De Zoysa now at Royal Free pdezoysa at crc.ac.uk
Tue Sep 13 05:39:51 EST 1994


One of our computers (PCs) which recently had MS DOS 6.2 (includind dblspace) installed hung-up during a Wordperfect session and was unfortunately swithced off intead of exiting Windows.

This resulted in the corruption of certain files which I tried to fix using Scandisk.  Originally I though Scandisk had fixed all the files but when I re-booted I got nothing.  It appears the dblspace file was corrupted and so the compressed C drive cannot be mounted.  I have managed to boot up using a floppy system disk/and the uncompressed partition of C: ie drive H, and try to look at what's there.  (Also when you boot up it says that file errors can be repaired by Scandisk.  However Scandisk fix-it has only been able to fix 27% of cross-linked files as it created more than 512 files in the root directory.  Scandisk says it can only continue if those files are removed from the root directory; but this seems to be impossible to do as the installed DOS does not seem to recognize these files when it comes to copy or type commands. It is possible that these files are binary commands).

All I am trying to do is trying to recover the data we put on quite recently but was not backed up.  (I think only about a total of 20 data files need to be rescued).  Can anyone out there help me with this recovery or alternatively withtransferring/copying/interpretting the Scandisk *.chk files I am getting.

Thanks for your help,

Priyal de Zoysa.

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