Looking for enzyme kinetics SW (DOS)

Peter Gegenheimer peterg at rnaworld.bio.ukans.edu
Mon Sep 12 18:15:20 EST 1994

In <tiedtke-060994151200 at pbio16.uni-muenster.de>, tiedtke at vnwz00.uni-muenster.de (Uwe Baumert) writes:
>I'm looking for free DOS-software (anonFTP) that can handle enzyme kinetics
>datas generating Lineweaver-Burk-plots etc. on DOS not Windows!
>With kind regards,
>Uwe Baumert
>Institute for General Zoology and Genetics
>University of Muenster
>Schlossplatz 5
>D-48149 Muenster, Germany           e-mail: tiedtke at vnwz01.uni-muenster.de

To reinforce another reply, the best (indeed, the ONLY) enzyme kinetics software for 
DOS is Robin Leatherbarrow's "ENZFITTER". It is marketed in the US by BioSoft, and 
can also be obtained from Sigma Chemical. Its five salient features are 1) uses
least-squares non-linear regression to fit a curve to your data -- this is the only 
truely valid method, and the only one which works at all for (e.g.)  allosteric 
enzymes; 2) automatically determines initial estimates of Km and Vmax from linear 
transforms, so it saves time and guesswork; 3) allows you to enter your own equation 
to be fit -- does nice work with fully-detailed allosteric equations -- not just the
simplified kind one usually sees; 4) has multiple types of robust weighting; 5) is 
easy enough for undergrads and graduate students to use routinely.  Features # 2 & 3 
are not available in any other program except Leatherbarrow's GraFit for Windows, and 
(I think) a Mac program called UltraFit.

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