Simulation of the spread of a gene through a population

Joe Felsenstein joe at evolution.genetics.washington.edu
Mon Sep 12 01:23:44 EST 1994

In article <raphael.744.001675B9 at indirect.com>,
Raphael Carter <raphael at indirect.com> wrote:
>Does anyone know of an MS-DOS program to track the spread of a gene through a 
>(human) population?
>I'd prefer something that comes with source code, since my purposes would 
>almost certainly require some modification.  In fact, what would be most 
>useful is an algorithm and/or a library of appropriate code snips.

I have a program, SIMUL8, that I use for teaching that simulates the
change of gene frequency of an allele in a set of human populations,
with the user able to set population size, fitnesses, mutation, and
migration rates.  Versions for various systems (DOS, Mac, and Unix/X)
are available in C source code and executables by ftp in directory pub/popgen
on my workstation: evolution.genetics.washington.edu (

It depends in part on whether by "spread" Carter meant change of frequency
in a single population (which could be a human population) or whether he
meant spread through a geographically structured population.  In the
former case my program will be more useable than in the latter.

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