TRACTOR, a T-track location program

Jarmo Niemi jarnie at utu.fi
Fri Sep 9 03:58:39 EST 1994

I wrote:
> The QuickBasic program TRACTOR is used to locate clones in a
> known sequence using only one sequencing reaction, a method
> generally known as "T-tracking". The program can reduce workload
> at the end stage of a sequencing project using the random
> subcloning strategy.

> A paper discussing the program will be published in Computer 
> Applications in the Biosciences vol. 10, number 5. Interested 
> parties are requested to take a look at my WWW page 

> http://www.utu.fi/~jarnie/ 

> or contact me at jarnie at utu.fi.

> The program is available by anonymous FTP at ftp.funet.fi
> as /pub/sci/molbio/msdos/tractor6.zip. 

Unfortunately, now it no longer is there. File README.CHANGES in
/pub/sci/molbio/ says:

"The molecular biology directory structure has changed on this server.
It has been set up to mirror the popular sites at EMBL and INDIANA.
Some of the programmes in the old directories may have disappeared
but generally most of the software can still be found in the mirror 

I'll try to find a new home for the program. Meanwhile, email me. 
(please tell me whether you can receive binary attachments to emails,
or whether I have to send it in uucoded form.)

Jarmo Niemi,Biochemistry,U.of Turku,jarnie at utu.fi,http://www.utu.fi/~jarnie/
"Honni soit qui mal y pense"
				-Edward III

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