info needed re met.simulation SCAMP

Patrick Mowers mowersp at ndlc.occ.uky.edu
Wed Sep 7 19:05:01 EST 1994

Patrick G Swann (swannp at delphi.com) wrote:
: I'm looking for a program to simulate product yields from multi-sequence
: (possibly branching) pathways given initial substrates and kinetic constants. 
: I'
: ve heard that SCAMP can do this and am interested in any information regarding
: availability.  Many Thanks.

You might want to try GEPASI, a freeware program that is designed for 
just this type of thing.  It will handle upto 26 Rxns and supports a 
number of kinetics models such as Michaelis-Minton, etc.  You can use it 
with gnuplot for graphing output.  Both run under windows 3.1 and I 
believe you can get them via gopher from oakland or several other 
places.  I have even seen GEPASI on shareware CDROMs. 

Good luck,

Pat Mowers
mowersp at ndlc.occ.uky.edu

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