Looking for enzyme kinetics SW (DOS)

Christopher Blencowe cbb at convex.phazc.uni-heidelberg.de
Thu Sep 8 04:17:55 EST 1994

Uwe Baumert (tiedtke at vnwz00.uni-muenster.de) wrote:
: Hi,

: I'm looking for free DOS-software (anonFTP) that can handle enzyme kinetics
: datas generating Lineweaver-Burk-plots etc. on DOS not Windows!

: With kind regards,

: -- 
: Uwe Baumert
: Institute for General Zoology and Genetics
: University of Muenster
: Schlossplatz 5
: D-48149 Muenster, Germany           e-mail: tiedtke at vnwz01.uni-muenster.de

Try the book 'Enzfitter' with software package, not for free, but
cheap enough and plain thing running on DOS.

Sincerly, Christopher

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